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Collaborative Community Resilience (CCR) serves as a communication platform for initiatives undertaken by the government, businesses, institutions, NGOs, communities and individuals in an effort to strengthen community resilience and improve wellbeing. CCR was set up in 2020 primarily to document and share bottom-up solutions and learnings following Covid-19 and the ensuing socio-economic crisis. The pandemic has taught us that amid crisis, resilience can only be forged through solidarity, cooperative action and the democratisation of knowledge. 

Today, the CCR platform hopes to continue to be a place of knowledge-sharing and to bridge together people-powered and institutional solutions for the continued liveability, sustainability and resilience of Malaysia. Today, tomorrow and beyond. 


Many individuals, communities and corporations are doing amazing things to help one another during trying times. We want to showcase stories of resilience and build on that to strengthen communities through knowledge sharing and collaboration.





Malaysian Cities

Business Conference

Company & Institutions

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Global Cities

Community members building collective resilience

Lessons from cities and local authorities

Developing structural resilience

How global cities are dealing with COVID-19 

This platform is brought to you by URBANICE MALAYSIA, an entity set up by the Housing and Local Government Ministry in June 2016 to implement projects as well as programmes that offer solutions for urban challenges, conduct incubation programmes for smart urban solutions and provide advisory services on urban planning an development. Its objective is to promote sustainable and climate-responsive urban development and community wellbeing through knowledge-sharing, partnership programmes and multi-stakeholder engagements.


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