Combating COVID-19 Together

To build resilience, we need to understand our strengths, share our skills and most importantly, collaborate! Collaboration allows us to develop innovative ideas to achieve community resilience. We want to know how cities, communities and corporations are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our objective is to :


Encourage best practices and mobilise new ideas


Collect, showcase and share initiatives


Find a new way forward and develop preparedness for a post COVID-19 world 

Collaborative Community Resilience is for all stakeholders to urgently come together to minimise the impact on communities, cities, the economy and public health - and create a more resilient community that can mitigate the risks of this unprecedented crisis.

This platform is brought to you by URBANICE MALAYSIA, an entity set up by the Housing and Local Government Ministry in June 2016 to implement projects as well as programmes that offer solutions for urban challenges, conduct incubation programmes for smart urban solutions and provide advisory services on urban planning and development. Its objective is to promote sustainable and climate-responsive urban development and community wellbeing through knowledge-sharing, partnership programmes and multi-stakeholder engagements.