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Addressing air pollution through innovation - Mask Design Challenge

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

City: Kuala Lumpur

Initiative by: FabCafe

Partners: Loftwork, FabCafe Global

Protests, bushfires, disease – these recent major events around the world have cemented the face mask’s status as a daily necessity and a valuable commodity. This year’s outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus disease has seen an even greater demand for surgical face masks, leading to skyrocketing prices in major cities and mass shortages, even in hospitals.

In the face of a changing world and its looming challenges, FabCafe Global hopes to gather ideas and design solutions from creators around the world. Building on FabCafe Bangkok’s AirHack event from 2019, which sought to address air pollution through innovation, we are calling for entries for innovative mask designs in this new competition.

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