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Affordable Computers for Children in Need

3 Duckiepi computers in yellow
Image retrieved from @mytaylorscollege (Instagram)

A group of Taylor's University students through the Taylor's ME.REKA Space have developed the DuckiePi, a compact and portable e-learning computer that costs Rm400 to build.

In 2020, the Malaysia Education Ministry found that 36.9% of students do not have any electronic devices, which impedes their learning process as classes are pivoted online (PdPr).

With the introduction of DuckiePi, students will have access to a computer that is substantially cheaper than the average computer in the market. This is a welcoming solution to the digital divide existing in B40 communities.

The computer is composed of:

  • Gigabit ethernet

  • Raspberry Pi motherboard

  • Audio output

  • 4GB RAM

  • 4 USB ports

  • 2 HDMI ports

  • 1 SD card slot

To get it running, the DuckiePi simply needs to be connected to a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Its operating system is Google Chromium OS and students can use Google tools, Zoom and others for their e-Learning.

The DuckiePi is now available for purchase at RM500. With every DuckiePi sold, Taylor's University will donate an equivalent to a child in need.

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