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Buttermilk Art - Yellow pages for Malaysian Artists

Image source: buttermilkart.com

buttermilk. is an online art directory founded by Yi-Hui Chan that provides a platform for Malaysian artists to showcase their artwork and for Malaysian art enthusiasts to discover art and artists of their liking. The idea came about when Yi-Hui identified that there was a gap in finding a one-stop online platform for Malaysian artists to publicise their crafts and creations..

You can find artists of a wide range of art mediums including traditional painting, digital illustration, concept art and fan-art.

Link to the website: https://buttermilkart.com/

Link to the story: https://vulcanpost.com/729895/buttermilk-art-find-malaysian-artist-directory/?fbclid=IwAR0xE3OqUxx5niIIyHdHtdjsi4UCR-W2YTGqZrx9MGaa2zIW60x0VW4_KCg

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