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Citizens map for #Bendera Putih

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Bendera Putih is a movement that arose in recent days and was set in motion by the Malaysian rakyat to establish renewed hope and effectively distribute aid to Malaysians who are in dire need due to the loss of savings and employment with the ongoing MCO 3.0.

Encouragingly, the movement is seeing the intensification of numerous initiatives once again, grounded in community-spirit, neighbourliness and togetherness. For example, the movement has spurred the setting up of hundreds of community foodbanks (gerobok rezeki) at petrol stations and houses of worship throughout Malaysia, distribution of food baskets by different companies and NGOs, and also neighbour-centric crowdfunding within small localities to help affected households in that area.

Another remarkable initiative is community resource mapping of locations with white flags (Bendera Putih) and food banks. An app was just recently developed called Sambal SOS (previously called 'Bendera Putih App') by three Malaysian students, to crowdsource reports of white flags from the public around Malaysia. To access the site, one must log in via a google account and once in, the user will be greeted by a map with red icons (white flags) and food bank icons. Users can ask for help, report white flags that they see or list food banks they know in their locality.

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Local developer Teranto Tech has created an identical web app as above, but it does not require a sign-in. It is called Upon entering the site, you will be prompted with a notification 'allow location access'. Users can see white flag and help icons in their specific localities and elsewhere. Users can also indicate if they

need help or want to help.

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Similarly, an individual @penangstrays (twitter user) has developed a map of Food Banks available throughout Peninsular and East Malaysia in response to the Bendera Putih movement. This map can be found on #kitajagakita site.

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