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Tiny Pasar - Food Security and Community Resilience

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

TINY PASAR runs on a loose model of a small cooperatives connecting small independent farmers and producers directly to consumers. The vegetable boxes that TINY PASAR Provides is based loosely on a community-supported agriculture and food production concept involving a group of farmers or food producers, to provide and support high quality, safe and accessible produce direct to consumers.

We also provide solutions to minimise cost and our impact on household waste by rethinking packaging, logistics and operating to supply only to the actual market demands. Costs savings from the streamlined operations are passed on to our consumers by providing them with fresh produce at a more accessible and sensitive price point.

TINY PASAR also connects directly to small home based food producers to aid in leveraging on our supply chain operations by distributing their products alongside our vegetable boxes. We also provide consultation and mentoring service to assist in developing food products and services by way of providing supplementary income to homepreneurs. Through this model, we re-invest our profits into the consumers by also creating opportunities for them to participate in our supply chain as producers.

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