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Kampung house becomes learning centre

kampung house leaning centre
Credit: FMT Lifestyle

Location: Bagan Dalam, Penang

Education is an indispensable human right. Sadly even today, not everyone is fortunate to have access to knowledge, even as basic as reading and writing.

The extraordinary vision of a 20 year old refugee Sadek Khan is precisely to make this change, after years of witnessing the struggles of the unschooled. Recently this year, his endeavour to bring education to young refugees has come to fruition. With the joint effort and generosity of the Chan family in Penang and Khan himself, together they lend a hand in saving and transforming a desolate kampung house into a learning centre.

The regeneration of space and structure, to serve a significant purpose such as education, with the help and collaboration of people from diverse backgrounds, is a true mark of community resilience.

Read the story on FMT News:

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