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Updated: Dec 23, 2020

City :

Johor, Klang Valley, Penang

Type of Issue / Response :

Food Vouchers for the Vulnerable

Target group :

Vulnerable groups include B40, OKU, Homeless, daily wages earners, ageing group and single mothers #MakanKongsiensures that those who earns daily wages but are now unable to work due to the movement control order can have at least two meals a day for two weeks. MakanKongsi aims to achieve this, while complying with the order, by issuing food vouchers (that are redeemable from participating restaurants) to those in need. This is to minimise the need for crowds to gather during meal times. Food will be on takeaway basis from nearby restaurants to minimise movement and the need for daily contact with volunteers.

This is a joint effort between Engage and other organisations in different states.

The intention of MakanKongsi is for other citizen groups or NGOs around the country to replicate or modify our model to deliver urgent meals to families and individuals affected by the movement control order. More information can be found here :

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