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Mangroves & Fisheries Custodians Initiative

Location: Sandakan, Sabah

Start date of commitment: 1 January 2021

End date of commitment: 30 June 2021

Type of issue:

Sustainable economic management of mangrove resources

Target group: Suluk Community

About the initiative:

The kampung of 358 inhabitants rely heavily on fishing for their income, and COVID impacted the buying markets that they serviced. The initiative is to build seafood processing infrastructure so that their live catch can be processed into variety of retail ready products, diversifying their income streams. The project will also create a platform on the river that can serve as a floating restaurant, to host visitors when tourism to Malaysia recovers. And to assist in the traditional methods of fishing, we are collectively developing reusable fish aggregators that will aid in attracting fish and managing the catch in sensitive areas of the RAMSAR wetlands protected area that they live in.


  • Ministry of Finance Malaysia

  • Yayasan Hasanah

  • LEAP Spiral

  • Persatuan Komuniti Kampung Mumiang

For more info, contact Anton Ngui at:

Visit Future Alam Borneo:


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