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OKU Couple Who are Blind Opens Up Online Business

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Location: Johor

Yusri Azis and wife Nur Jannah Tan Jia Hui, a couple who are visually-impaired has started an online business on Shoppee. They had lost their source of income when the restaurant they worked at closed and to support themselves, they decided to open up a business.

The couple's online store is called Yus Bisnes. They use the Android Talkback app to navigate through the online store.

Among the products they sell are: their signature Sambal Hitam Pahang, Sos Sambal Stevia, Konjac noodles (Keto/Atkins-friendly), stevia liquid sweetener and 1/3 portion plates.

This is an amazing story of inclusivity and accessibility for people with disability. We hope to see more equitable access for people with disability in the community of sellers and more, online and on the ground.

Let's support them by visiting their store on Shoppee:

Read more about their story on World of Buzz:

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