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Organic Urban Farm on Mall Rooftop

Image credit: mStar

Location: One Utama

A new 'farm' called the Fresh Growcer has opened up and it's located on the rooftop of a shopping mall! How amazing is that? What is more amazing is that the vegetable produce is grown organically, without pesticides.

The idea about Fresh Growcer was generated by Mr. Emil Jihad who found that many of today's fresh produce sold at supermarkets are grown with pesticides, and consumers are not really benefitting health-wise as the use of pesticides reduces the nutrient content of produce. Therefore, with his partner, he took the initiative to open up an alternative grocer that sells organic vegetables. A great perk of shopping here is that shoppers get to pick the vegetables fresh!

Using a sustainable and green approach to farming, the vegetables are grown using the system of aquaponics, whereby water that is rich with aquaculture content (from fish) feeds into hydrophonically grown vegetables.

With growing food needs of Malaysia's population and the increasing need to address food insecurity, it's refreshing to see new initiatives that are out-of-the-box like this. Hope to see more urban farms on rooftops in the near future! Maybe one near where you live?

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