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PwD Smart Farmability

Image source: PwD Smart Farmability via facebook

Location: Subang Jaya, Selangor

Type of Initiative:

A social enterprise that empowers Malaysia’s disabled community (OKU) through urban farming – by making nutritious food and meaningful jobs available to them.

Target group: Disabled community (OKU)

About their initiative:

PwD Smart Farmability's mission is to inspire individuals and Malaysian society to make smarter food choices that brings positive impact to the local food security and that minimise negative impacts to our environment. With the ongoing coronovirus, PwD Smart Farmability believes that its advocacy of bringing nutritious food to the table in every home - rich or poor - is more important than ever. It also believes that the future of food is local, whereby farming must move towards a sustainable and ethical direction.


Kairos Agriculture

For more info, visit their facebook page:

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