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The Safe Space Project

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Organisation :

Safe Space

Type of Issue / Response :

Mental Health Support

Target Group :

Healthcare workers, patients, patients-under-investigation(PUI), and families of the PUI/patients.

Initiative Description :

The Safe Space Project is launched by a group of passionate mental health professionals. Founded in March 2020, after the first suicide of a PUI (person under investigation) of COVID-19, we realised that more proactive action needs to be invested for crisis management and capacity building for the hospital-bound individuals during the pandemic.

The objectives of this project are to bridge the current gaps of services and reduce the risk of mental illnesses among high-risk individuals through psychosocial supportive aids and communal intervention. A 3-month holistic mental health services, that adopts the bio-psycho-social-spiritual framework aims to increase resilience among key populations (healthcare workers, patients, patients-under-investigation (PUI), and families of the PUI/patients), empower the hospital resources, and indirectly aid in the management of COVID-19 crisis.

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